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About Us

Pars Petro Company

PARS PETRO is an international petrochemical company specializing in supplying and trading crude oil and petroleum products. Led by a team of experts and senior staff, we have managed to trade in a wide range of products, including crude oil, refined petroleum products, petrochemicals, natural gas, base metals, concentrates, and more.
As an innovative logistics company, we provide our customers with unique and valuable trading solutions while building long-term, trust-based relationships with them.

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Company Personnel

Strategy And Vision


To make a significant and long-term change in our industry by providing world-class logistics services and gaining the trust of our partners and shareholders.



To play a significant role in the petroleum industry through the efficient and sustainable distribution of quality products and services.



Our values, including a professional team, high standard of service, honesty, and reliability, guide and strengthen our business to make the best decisions at the executive level.